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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Terry Pratchett's Hogfather

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought this would be a great film to do a review of for Christmas. Now this is a great film about how the Auditors want to get rid of the Hogfather because he does not fit into their view of the universe. They meet with Lord Downey, head of the Assassin's Guild, and commission the services of Mr. Tea Time, whose particular brand of insane genius makes him an ideal candidate for the assassination of the Hogfather and other anthropomorphic personifications. Meanwhile with the Hogfather missing Death decides to take over for the Hogfather to make people continue to believe in him. Here is the first part of the film.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Monster Hunter Tri

Now this is a hard game I got this game on July 11th last year and I won it for the first time yesterday but still it's a good game. It's about Moga Village a peaceful little fishing village but suddenly unexplainable earthquake begin to shake and rattle the islands. A great Leviathan, Lagiacrus (the flagship monster), is thought to be responsible. The Guild in response sends a new untested hunter to handle the situation. After many quests, villager requests, one unintended encounter with the Lagiacrus itself, and a rescue of a young Shakalaka named Cha-Cha, the Lagiacrus finally reappeared. After first repelling, then slaying the great Sea-King, another massive earthquake shook the village. The cause, once attributed to the now-deceased Lagiacrus, was a mystery. So something else is causing the earthquakes something bigger than the Lagiacrus. It later turns out to be this guy.


Now here is the opening cinematic and the first part of the game.

Now Monster Hunter Tri G is a new Monster Hunter game that comes out on 3DS it has weapons that weren't in Monster Hunter Tri like the Dual Swords, Gunlance, Bow and Hunting Horn. The water areas return that weren't in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. A new Shakalaka friend called Kayanba who is Cha-Cha's friend. Here is a picture of him and Cha-Cha.
Also this game has loads more monsters in it than Monster Hunter Tri like ones from older games and new ones aswell. Here are the names and pics of the new monsters. Nargacuga Rare Species
Lagiacrus Subspecies
 Lagiacrus Rare Species
 Jinouga Subspecies

Doboruberuku Subspecies
                                                                                  Bracchidios (flagship monster)
Hungry Deviljho
 Ceadeus Subspecies                                                                              
Jhen Mohran Subspecies
Here is the games trailer and opening cinematic.  

Now the only release date for this game I know is the Europe one which is March 2013 (so the North America release date should be not long before the Europe one) I will do a review of this game when I get it.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Rayman Origins

I said I would do a review of this game when I got this game and here it is. This game is AMAZING it brings back parts of Rayman 1 like Betilla the Fairy, Electoons, Anti-Toons (The Darktoons), Bzzit the Moskito, the Hunters and the Tall Livingstones. It also brings back characters from previous games like Murfy, Globox and the Teensies. It also has new characters like the Bubble Dreamer and Betilla the Fairy's sisters. I LOVE this game it brings back memories of Rayman 1 a game with great music fun game enviroment yet sometimes frustrating. Now some new games I get it only takes a few hours to complete for the first time I bought this game on the 7th of December and won it today so it took 5 days to win proves it takes time to win. Here is the games trailer.

Here is the first part of the game.

Another thing I love about this game is the boss's.

All in all this game is FULL of laughs and challenge's and great music and I really recommend it to all Rayman fans.