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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dark Shadows

Now Dark Shadows is a GREAT film it's classic Tim Burton. Before I saw the trailer for this film I had been thinking there had been needing to be a Tim Burton film and I was really looking forward to seeing this film and I wasn't disappointed. This film is set in 1776 and is about Barnabas Collins whose parents and lover was killed and he was turned into a vampire by a witch whose heart he broke and then the witch (Angelique Bouchard) convinced the locals that Barnabas was a vampire and they sealed him in a coffin then in 1972 he was accidently released by some builders he then feeds on and kills them he then returns to his family's manor and sees that his relatives are in financial trouble so he helps them rebuild the family business but the witch who sealed Barnabas away now called Angel owns a rival business and is determined to have Barnabas join her. Here is the trailer.