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Friday, 24 June 2011

Shakespeare Play As You Like It

As You Like It is a great Shakespeare play me and my mum saw an outdoor performance on the 19th June this year at Upton House Walled Garden, and it was so funny when me and my mum got home she looked up the play in this Shakespeare complete works book she had and we were surprised that it hadn't been changed at all. Here are some funny quotes that were in the original play and the one we saw.

Orlando: Hang there, my verse, (or over there)

Orlando: Pray thee, marry us.

Celia: I cannot say the words (with a mouthful of bread)

In the one we saw when Orlando said or over there the letters he threw were suppose to go over the audiance but a wind suddenly blew and all the letters were blow to the right away from the audiance. The play was very funny and so were the actors and I said to my mum that the actress who played Roselind looked like my secondary school drama teacher.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Terrible Zombie Of Oz

I finished reading my mum's book today (I didn't borrow the book from my mum she actually wrote this book) It's basiclly the original book with a few changes now we all know the film The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz with all the lahdey dah sweet stuff the book is nothing like it the book is very brutal compared to the film (it's like they changed the entire thing). The version my mum has wrote is very funny The Scarecrow obsessed with braiiiiins, The Tin Woodman always saying he could never harm a fly without crying, (but proves otherwise during the story) The Cowardly Lion with a bell on A.K.A Diddums. All in all if you love zombies, vicious beasts, shoes then this might be the book for you and you should look forward to the sequel.

Here is the trailer I did for my mum's book

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Studio Ghibli Collection

I am quite a Studio Ghibli fan but I have only been a fan since last year when Laputa Castle in the Sky was on Film4 (it was the japanese version and it had been on for 22:37 I know because I just looked) and both me and my mum loved it then my mum bought it for my birthday and it's great. One of the extras on the DVD is that it shows all of the trailers for all of The Studio Ghibli films and one of them (Princess Mononoke) I remembered seeing parts of it years ago at my nan's and another one (Howl's Moving Castle) I remembered seeing half of it at my nan's (me and my nan had missed the first half it was the english version we saw) and another one (The Cat Returns) me and my mum had seen parts of it before we saw Laputa Castle in the Sky we never saw the whole thing it was the english version we saw. After we saw the trailers we thought of the ones we would like to buy and we decided to get Kiki's Delivery Service, (we had not seen it on the TV it was just that the trailer for it looked good) Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and The Cat returns. While looking on Amazon.co.uk I found (or my mum found I can't remember) Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle with the english dub (I don't hate the japanese version it's just I find the english version easier to follow) so my mum ordered them and they came at the same time and I loved both of them. Then around last month I was looking on Amazon.co.uk and I found Princess Mononoke with the english dub so I told my mum and she ordered it and when it came I thought it was great. Then on the 2nd of June while I was randomly looking on Amazon.co.uk I told my mum I found The Cat Returns with english dub so she ordered it and it came today and I just finished watching it. It had taken awhile to get them because Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle said on the language part it said japanese, english so thats why we got them first but Princess Mononoke and The Cat Returns only said japanese but I knew it had to have the english dub thanks to people writing down comments that the voice actors for both versions were good (I think that Amazon just forgot to put down english in the language part). Well here are the trailers for the ones I have see if you are interested in them.


What do you think of the trailers? I remember this time when I was watching The Cat Returns and there were these black and white cats who acted as bouncers (and don't make that rediculous joke about what do they do just bounce around because I have heard that joke way to many times bouncers guard night clubs) and they were throwing other cats into the trees and I made this joke to my mum I wonder if James is a bouncer (James is my cat and he is black and white) and we had a good laugh and I said to my mum he has them same job as you (at that time my mum was a bouncer and thats why I have heard that rediculous joke so many times and I think she was just geting ready for work when I made that joke about James). Now I won't give away spoilers (sorry if the bit above was a spoiler) even though these films came out awhile ago (Laputa Castle in the sky came out in 1986 and Kiki's Delivery Service came out in 1989 and Howl's Moving Castle came out in 2004 and Princess Mononoke came out in 1997 and The Cat Returns came out in 2002).

Thursday, 2 June 2011

All Fired Up

All Fired Up is a great ceramics cafe you can come in and paint all sorts of things mirrors, (obviously before the mirror is put in so it's just the handle you paint) money boxs, mugs, plates, orniments and bowls. If you want to know more look at there website www.allfiredupceramics.co.uk here is what me and my mum did when we first went there.

The mug is mine and the noodle bowl is my mums the person holding the mug and the bowl is me (I was not smiling in the photo where you first see me because I didn't know I was in the picture) and the one taking the picture is my mum using her phones camera. We painted them on the 26th May and picked them up on the 2nd June it takes a week for them to be fired.