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Friday, 10 June 2011

The Terrible Zombie Of Oz

I finished reading my mum's book today (I didn't borrow the book from my mum she actually wrote this book) It's basiclly the original book with a few changes now we all know the film The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz with all the lahdey dah sweet stuff the book is nothing like it the book is very brutal compared to the film (it's like they changed the entire thing). The version my mum has wrote is very funny The Scarecrow obsessed with braiiiiins, The Tin Woodman always saying he could never harm a fly without crying, (but proves otherwise during the story) The Cowardly Lion with a bell on A.K.A Diddums. All in all if you love zombies, vicious beasts, shoes then this might be the book for you and you should look forward to the sequel.

Here is the trailer I did for my mum's book

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