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Friday, 24 June 2011

Shakespeare Play As You Like It

As You Like It is a great Shakespeare play me and my mum saw an outdoor performance on the 19th June this year at Upton House Walled Garden, and it was so funny when me and my mum got home she looked up the play in this Shakespeare complete works book she had and we were surprised that it hadn't been changed at all. Here are some funny quotes that were in the original play and the one we saw.

Orlando: Hang there, my verse, (or over there)

Orlando: Pray thee, marry us.

Celia: I cannot say the words (with a mouthful of bread)

In the one we saw when Orlando said or over there the letters he threw were suppose to go over the audiance but a wind suddenly blew and all the letters were blow to the right away from the audiance. The play was very funny and so were the actors and I said to my mum that the actress who played Roselind looked like my secondary school drama teacher.

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