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Friday, 28 September 2012

My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 10 Keiko's Gone Day 1

Here is my fanfic's new chapter enjoy (YAY! I'm up to chapter 10 :))

 The next morning when Kisa woke up the first thing that came to her mind was 'Give Yuuki back her jacket' she looked at the clock and it said it was 10 am 'Man I'm not usually up at this time then again I did go to bed earlier than usual' she thought Kisa then got out of bed and brushed her teeth, brushed her hair and then got changed out of her pyjamas and put on loose fitting jeans with holes in the knees with a few scuffs on them, a black belt and a loose fitting long sleeved white shirt she then went and got Yuuki's jacket and walked out of her dorm room, without putting anything on her feet, when she was outside and felt the ground bare-foot she thought 'It's been awhile since I last did this it feels nice to feel the ground with my bare feet' Kisa then looked at the sky and saw it was all dark but not raining but it seemed it would later though Kisa then ran off in the direction of the Headmaster's home not caring if her feet got cut they would heal quickly anyway when she arrived at the Headmasters house she knocked on the door and the Headmaster came out wearing his frilly pink apron 'God he actually wears this thing?' Kisa thought looking at him

"Hello Kisa how can I help you?" the Headmaster said happily

"I'm here to give Yuuki back her jacket" Kisa said holding it out to him

"Oh thank you would you like to come in?" the Headmaster said stepping aside so she could come in he then saw Kisa's feet "Why aren't you wearing anything on your feet?" he asked

"I like to walk around bare-foot" Kisa said as she walked into the house 

"Okay come into the Kitchen I'm making breakfast and Zero and Yuuki will be up soon" the Headmaster said walking into the Kitchen and Kisa followed him and sat at the table with her legs Indian style and put Yuuki's jacket on her lap "So where's Keiko?" he asked while making Zero and Yuuki's breakfast

"Oh she's not here" Kisa said

"Is she still sleeping?" the Headmaster asked and before Kisa could reply Zero walked into the Kitchen and saw Kisa

"What are you doing here?!" Zero shouted at the girl 'And why are you sitting in a chair like that?' he mentally added

"Please don't shout at me I don't like it" Kisa said looking down "And I'm here to give Yuuki back her jacket" she said showing him the jacket
"Oh sorry I thought you would be here for something else" Zero said sitting at the table

"You mean come to annoy you" Kisa said looking at Zero

"Yeah" Zero said then he realised someone was missing "Where's Keiko?" he said looking around the room

"She's not here" Kisa said looking back down at the floor

"Oh" Zero said and before he could say anything else Yuuki walked into the Kitchen

"Oh hi Kisa what are you doing here?" Yuuki asked smiling

"I came to give you your jacket" Kisa said handing Yuuki her jacket

"Oh wow thanks Kisa!" Yuuki said taking her jacket and looked at the sleeve that was once torn and saw it was perfectly mended "Wow it's like there was never a tear thanks Kisa!" she said happily

"You don't need to thank me Keiko was the one who mended it I mearly just brought it here" Kisa said feeling the thanks she was getting wasn't necessary

"But still thanks for bringing it back" Yuuki said smiling at Kisa

"Well you're welcome" Kisa said smiling back "Well I should be going" she said getting up

"So soon?" the Headmaster asked sadly "Why not stay for breakfast?" he asked

"No that's okay besides I don't really eat breakfast" Kisa said leaving the house.

 Once Kisa was outside the house she took a deep breath and looked at the sky which was still completely covered in dark clouds 'What should I do now?' Kisa thought walking away from the house 'It's very boring without Keiko here' she thought Kisa then wondered around the Academy grounds to see if she could find anything interesting and she soon came across the stables 'Huh? didn't know they had horses here' Kisa thought she then yawned 'Man I'm tired think I'll take a nap' she thought and then leapt onto the stable roof and lied down with her hands behind her head 'This is nice' Kisa thought she then turned to lie on her left side and went to sleep.

* * * * *

"That's a shame it would have been nice to have breakfast with her" the Headmaster said starting to cry again

"It's okay Headma- I mean Father we can ask her to come round another time" Yuuki said hoping to distract the Headmaster by calling him father

"Yes Yuuki you're right" the Headmaster said and put the breakfast on the table and he and Yuuki sat at the table

"Headmaster what was Keiko and Kisa's background before coming here" Zero said not touching his food

"Hmm? Well from their report it said that they had lost their parents and family a long time ago and have been living on their own ever since that's all" the Headmaster said taking a bit out of toast "If you want to know more you would have to ask them" he said and adjusted his glasses Zero then got up and walked out the Kitchen "Huh? where are you going Zero?" the Headmaster said now standing up

"To get some fresh air" Zero said and put his shoes on 'And to get away from your cooking' he thought as he walked out of the front door 'I guess I'll go see White Lily' Zero thought and walked to the stables when he arrived he went to greet the white mare, though he didn't know Kisa was there, who was happy to see him "Hey there Lily" Zero said and stroked her neck the horse then bit his head "Alright! you want to be brushed! don't eat my hair I'll go bald!" Zero shouted and rubbed his head and grabbed the brush and started brushing the mare, at his shouting Kisa woke up and she wondered what the noise was all about she then heard footsteps then turned her head round and saw it was Yuuki running towards the stables, though she didn't see Kisa, when Yuuki walked into the stables she saw Zero brushing the "Horse from Hell" White Lily

"Hey Zero" Yuuki said, Zero turned his head round to acknowledge Yuuki but then turned back and continued brushing Lily, she then tried to walk towards him but White Lily neighed at her and stamped her hoof on the ground "AHH!" Yuuki half shouted and flinched

"Easy there Lily calm down" Zero said stroking her "She's a very simple uncomplicated girl she's by no means a threat to you even if she tried to be"

"What did you just say?" Yuuki said annoyed and clenched her fists.

* * * * *

 On the roof Kisa was listening to their conversation and giggled at what they were saying she was careful not to move since that would alert them of her presence.

* * * * *

"What do you want Yuuki?" Zero asked still brushing White Lily

"Well I was worried about you"


"It's just in the last few days you've been around a lot of blood and I was worried that you were thirsty" Yuuki said nervously

Zero froze at her words "I'm fine" Zero lied

"You're lying Zero"

"No I'm not!"

"Zero you know I promised to give you my blood so it's okay"

"No it's not okay!"

"Please Zero if you need my blood please take it" Yuuki begged him

"No I won't do that again" Zero said and put the brush away and walked towards Yuuki "I hate doing something disgusting to you again" he said sadly

"It's okay Zero" Yuuki said putting her hand on Zero's left cheek

"Hey! if you're planning on biting her you should do it in a place away from prying eyes" Kisa said her head appearing at the top of the stable door upside down

"Kisa?!" Yuuki and Zero shouted at the same time

"Yes?" Kisa asked smiling

"How long have you been there?" Zero asked

"Since I left the Headmaster's house"

"But I didn't see you when I came running here?" Yuuki asked

"I was lying down asleep I woke up when I heard Zero shouting something about going bald" Kisa said trying not to laugh, Yuuki looked at Zero suspiciously

"You're mistaken!" Zero shouted

"I wish Keiko was here" Kisa said laughing

Yuuki was giggling "Oh yeah where is Keiko?" she asked

"Not here"

"You mean she's back at your dorm room?"

"No I mean she's not here anywhere"

"Keiko's gone?" Zero asked

"Yep she left last night" Kisa said

"Where did she go?"

"Don't know"

"Well do you know when she'll be back?"


"Do you know why she left?"


"Well?" Zero asked getting impatient

"Not telling" Kisa said and lifted her head away from the door frame

"Hey!" Zero shouted and ran out the stables, with Yuuki following him, and turned round to see Kisa sitting on the roof

"Yes?" Kisa asked

"I was wondering what you and Keiko's background was since the Headmaster said your report just said that your parents and family was murdered a long time ago and that you've been living on your own ever since" Zero said

"Oh" Kisa said and looked sad she then leapt off the stable roof and landed in front of Yuuki and Zero "I'll tell you about my past another time right now I'm too tired" she said and ran off

"Hey wait!" Yuuki said but Kisa was already long gone and it soon came pouring down with rain and Zero and Yuuki took shelter in the stables.

* * * * *

 When Kisa arrived back at her dorm room she was soaked she changed out of her clothes and then lay down on her bed and started reading the book about vampires she was reading last night and after reading for a little while she put the book on her face and thought 'Keiko I hope your okay and that you return soon it's so boring without you'.

OHHHHHHHHHHH! Things are getting interesting will Kisa tell them her and Keiko's past? where has Keiko gone and why did she go? Find out soon.................

Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 9 Who are you?

Here is the new chapter of my fanfic enjoy.

"Yay! I love the Tomato Soup you make!" Kisa said happily

"Okay let's get started" Keiko said taking the ingredients out of the fridge and tying her long hair into a knot


* * * * *

 In the Living Room Yuuki and Zero were sitting on the sofa while the Headmaster was leaning against a wall.

"So what happened?" the Headmaster asked looking at his two children

"Well" Yuuki started nervously "We were in town getting the stuff on the list and we came across Keiko and Kisa and we went to the Café to get something to eat and we talked a bit then Keiko just ran out of the Café and I went after her and we went into this alley and we were surrounded by 40 Level E's and one of them attacked me-" she was interrupted by the Headmaster acting like a drama queen


* * * * *

 In the kitchen Keiko and Kisa were in the middle of making dinner when they heard the Headmaster shouting.

"If he keeps on shouting he's going to make my ears bleed" Keiko said covering her sensitive ears

"You can say that again" Kisa said agreeing with her friend

"I'll be back in a sec" Keiko said walking out of the kitchen.

* * * * *

 In the Living Room the Headmaster was running around crying like a baby and kept saying things like he was a terrible father and that how Yuuki was injured and that how was he going to explain this to Kaname, that particular comment made Zero clench his fists in anger at the mention of the pureblood, Yuuki was trying to calm down the Headmaster when Keiko walked into the room she then walked over to the Headmaster and slammed a big pot on his head.

"Can you please shut up I can't cook with you yelling like a madman" Keiko said watching the Headmaster trying to get the pot off his head "And you can stay in there till you calm down" she said about to leave the room

"Wait! why did you do that?" Yuuki asked grabbing Keiko's sleeve

"I told you I have sensitive hearing and if he kept shouting he would have made my ears bleed" Keiko answered and Yuuki let go of her sleeve "Now dinner will be done soon" she said leaving the room

'I'm starting to like her' Zero thought watching the Headmaster still trying to get the pot off his head.

* * * * *

 When Keiko walked back into the kitchen she saw Kisa smiling happily.

"Wish I could have watched that" Kisa said giving Keiko a hug "It's so much better without him yelling" she said hugging her friend tighter

"You know Kisa I can't cook like this" Keiko said trying to get out of her friends tight hug

"Right sorry" Kisa said letting go of her friend and they went back to cooking the dinner.

 Soon the dinner was done and Keiko and Kisa brought the Tomato Soup into the Living Room and set it down on the table, after which Keiko took the pot off the Headmaster's head, and everyone sat at the table.

"I hope this is to your liking" Keiko said untying the knot she tied her hair into

"It looks delicious!" Yuuki said happily and the Headmaster agreed

when Zero actually looked at what they were having his eyes widened in surprise 'This is' he then looked at Keiko "Why'd you make this?" he asked

"Hmm?" Keiko said swallowing a spoonful of the soup "Well I don't know many recipe's and when I looked in the fridge I could only think of this and besides I've always liked Tomato Soup" she said happily

"Me too!" Kisa said happily agreeing with her friend "Especially Keiko's!" she said swallowing a mouthful of the soup

the Headmaster and Yuuki then had a spoonful of the soup "It's delicious!" they said at the same time and they had another spoonful

"I'm glad you like it" Keiko said smiling "What about you Zero?" she asked the quiet hunter

Zero then tried the soup his eyes widened 'It's even better than the way my parents made it' he thought "It's good I guess" Zero said not willing to let Keiko know what he actually thought of it

"I'm glad" Keiko said happily she then picked up her bowl and brought to her lips and started swallowing big mouthful's of the soup and she had soon emptied her bowl she then put the bowl down and licked her lips "That's better"

"You eat as quickly as Yuuki" the Headmaster said smiling like an idiot

"Well who wouldn't be hungry after having to fight 40 Level E's" Keiko said putting her hands behind her head

"That reminds me what happened today with the Level E's?" the Headmaster asked in a serious voice "Yuuki you said one of them attacked you what happened next" he asked adjusting his glasses

"Well what happened was that the Level E attacked Keiko but she dodged the attack I didn't and it's claws cut my arm and I started bleeding and I dropped Artemis and Keiko protected me by picking up Artemis and attacked the Level E with it" Yuuki said replaying the event "But when she attacked the Level E with the Artemis Rod it turned into a scythe" she said

"WHAT?!" the Headmaster and Zero shouted in surprise

"How is that possible?!" Zero said in disbelief

"I can show you now if you want" Keiko said getting out of her chair

"Go on then" Zero said

"Yes I would like to see this as well" the Headmaster said 'Is she really able to turn the Artemis Rod into the Artemis Scythe?' he thought

"May I?" Keiko asked holding her hand out toward Yuuki

"Sure" Yuuki said passing Keiko the Artemis Rod.

 Keiko then took a few steps back from the table and extended the Artemis Rod to it's full length and then she swung the Artemis Rod and it transformed into a scythe the Headmaster and Zero were speechless, Yuuki was wondering how Keiko was able to do that, while Kisa continued eating her soup.

"You see?" Keiko said making sure she didn't knock anything over with the scythe

"How are you able to do that?" Zero asked

"It's just an ability I have" Keiko said admiring the blade of the Artemis Scythe 'I've always loved this weapon' she thought

"What is it that your ability does?" Zero asked still confused

"She brings out a weapon's Hidden Form" the Headmaster said

"Hidden Form?" Yuuki and Zero asked

"Yes you see all Vampire Hunter weapon's have a Hidden Form but it's only vampire's who can bring out the weapon's Hidden Form" the Headmaster said standing up

Keiko then turned the Artemis Scythe back into the Artemis Rod and gave it back to Yuuki and looked at Yuuki's torn sleeve "I can mend that for you if you want" she said pointing at the torn sleeve

Yuuki looked at her sleeve "You'd do that?" she said happily putting Artemis away

"Of course it is my fault it got torn" Keiko said smiling

"Thanks Keiko" Yuuki said taking her pink jacket off and handing it to Keiko

"You're welcome" Keiko said taking the jacket "I'll give it back soon" she said then stretched "Now Kisa I think it's time to go back to our dorm" she said looking at her friend who was gazing off into space 'Not again' she thought Keiko then slapped the back of Kisa's head "I said we're going come on" she said heading out the room

"I'm coming" Kisa said getting out of her chair and rubbing the back of her head

"Wait!" the girls heard and turned round and saw Zero standing up and looking at the girls "The Headmaster said that only vampire's can bring out a weapon's Hidden Form but when I've used the Bloody Rose it never changed" Zero said getting suspicious

"That's because only very strong vampire's, mostly Pureblood's, can bring out the weapon's Hidden Form" the Headmaster said standing in front of Keiko "Who are you really Keiko?" he asked and saw Keiko smile sadly

"I wonder that myself sometimes" Keiko said then her and Kisa left

the Headmaster sighed "Well let's clear all this up!" he said in a sing song voice Zero and Yuuki sighed and cleared up the bowls and headed for the Kitchen.

 A little while later Zero and Yuuki finished washing up and told the Headmaster they were going to bed, since it was Saturday they didn't have Disciplinary Committee duties and could get a good night's sleep, the Headmaster said good night too them he was sitting in the Living Room thinking of how he saw Keiko turn Artemis into it's Hidden Form and and how could she have been human if she could do that he also wondered how well Kaname knows Keiko and he then remembered Kaname said he didn't remember Kisa so he was thinking who Kisa is since she doesn't talk too much 'Just who are they? And why are they here?' he thought to himself again and again.

* * * * *

 Keiko and Kisa were in their room after they got back Keiko put her hoodie and T-shirt for washing and put on a plain black T-shirt she washed the small bits of blood off Yuuki's jacket and was now sitting on her bed sewing up the torn sleeve and Kisa was reading a book about vampires.

"It's funny isn't it?" Kisa said looking at her friend

"What is?" Keiko asked still sewing

"All the different views people have of vampire's I mean some people see them as deformed bats others see them as the Living Dead with so many weakness's and some just see them as humans with fangs it's just funny if you know what they're really like" Kisa said smiling lightly

"I guess it is" Keiko said still focusing on mending Yuuki's jacket

Kisa then put the book away and got out of bed and looked out the window "Looks like it's about to rain" Kisa said seeing the dark clouds instead of the night sky filled with stars

"Oh really?" Keiko said finally looking at her friend and then looked out the window "Good" she said going back to sewing

"So how was it drinking Yuuki's blood?" Kisa asked, who was now lying on her bed again

"It's been awhile since I've drunk any human blood" Keiko said putting down her sewing "But out of all the blood I've tasted her was the most delicious" she said her eyes glowing red and unconsciously licked her lips

"Easy there Keiko your eyes are red again" Kisa said worried her friend would start to want blood

"Sorry" Keiko said her eyes going back to normal and she continued her sewing "You know what human blood does to me" she said trying not to think about it

"I sure do" Kisa said wondering how her friend would deal with it

"All done" Keiko said, after she said that it started to pour down with rain outside, holding up Yuuki's jacket

"Nicely done" Kisa said smiling.

 Keiko then folded Yuuki's jacket and put it on her bed and got up and went to her and Kisa's cupboard and got changed into a pair of black jeans, a black hoodie and a pair of black boots and tied her hair up in a plait.

"Oh your going with that option" Kisa said watching her friend tie her into a plait

"I have no choice" Keiko said finished tying her hair up and walked to their window and opened it "I'll be back soon" she said pulling her hood up "Give Yuuki back her jacket" Keiko said looking at her friend

"Okay" Kisa said happy to help her friend.

 Keiko then leapt out their window and landed perfectly and ran off into the night feeling the rush of the wind and rain hit her body as she ran with inhuman speed. After seeing her friend leap out the window Kisa went and closed the window and lied down on her bed and listened to the rain.

"Be safe" Kisa whispered to her long gone friend.

OHHHHHHHHH! Things are getting interesting how does Keiko have the ability to turn a weapon into it's Hidden Form? What does human blood do to Keiko? and where has Keiko gone? Find out soon..........

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 8 Misunderstanding

Here is the new chapter from my fanfic SORRY it's so late.

 Keiko quickly dodged the Level E's attack but Yuuki didn't and the creatures claws scratched her left arm, enough to draw blood, Yuuki cried out in surprise and dropped the Artemis Rod in and held her left arm 'Damn this isn't good' Keiko thought she could smell Yuuki's blood and she could see why vampire's desired her blood, the Level E that scratched her turned to look at two girls it saw the blood on it's claws and licked it off.

"So.... delicious" the creature said it then took a step toward the girls "More" it growled out and it leaped at the girls again but before it reached them Keiko picked up Yuuki's Artemis Rod, in doing so her hood had gone over head and her face was hidden and you could only see two long bits of her hair coming out of the hood, and swung Artemis at the Level E and when she did it transformed into a scythe and cut the Level E in half and it exploded into dust the other Level E's were shocked at the sight they just saw, Yuuki was just as shocked.

"How did you do that?" the frightened Yuuki asked who was now sitting on the ground

"It's just a special ability I have" Keiko answered 'And it's a bloody useful one too' she thought.

 The rest of the Level E's leaped at Keiko but she sliced them all with the Artemis Scythe, Yuuki watched Keiko skillfully kill the Level E's she looked like the Grim Reaper itself, as Keiko killed the last Level E she turned the Artemis Scythe back into the Artemis Rod and turned to Yuuki and knelt in front of her and put Artemis on the ground and held Yuuki's wounded arm in her hands and she leaned her head closer to the wound.

"What are you doing?" Yuuki asked in a frightened voice

* * * * *

 Zero and Kisa were still in the Café when Zero suddenly smelled A LOT of blood and he could just make out the scent of Yuuki's blood he panicked and ran out of the Café and Kisa followed him she could smell the blood to and was worried that there might be too many Level E's for her friend to handle. They ran through the streets and they finally found Yuuki with a hooded figure in front of her, Zero eyes widened in surprise at the scene he was witnessing he was furious he could see the figure was drinking Yuuki's blood he then pulled out the Bloody Rose and fired, the bullet hit the hooded figure's left side the figure cried out in pain and put it's right hand over the wound.

"No Zero that was Keiko!" Yuuki cried out stepping in front of Keiko who was still kneeling on the ground in pain

"But she was drinking your blood!" Zero shouted not caring it was Keiko he shot

"She was helping me!" Yuuki shouted determined to protect Keiko

"What?!" Zero shouted in disbelief

'"What are you doing?" Yuuki asked in a frightened voice

"We need to clean up your wound or we'll have even more Level E's coming here since your blood is delicious to vampires" Keiko said pushing up Yuuki's torn sleeve

"Oh and how are we going to do that?" Yuuki asked

"Well I don't have any bandage's or anything to clean your wound with so with your permission I will lick the blood away" Keiko said raising her head to look at Yuuki's eyes

"What?!" Yuuki shouted

"It's the only choice we have don't worry I won't bite you and feel free to stop me if you feel uncomfortable" Keiko said hoping Yuuki would understand

"Okay" Yuuki replied in a shaky voice.

 Keiko then bent her head towards Yuuki's arm she then licked the blood on the wound 'Man her blood really is delicious!' Keiko thought as she licked the last of the blood from Yuuki's wound she then covered the wound with her hands, Yuuki felt a tickling sensation when Keiko's hands were covering her wound, Keiko then removed her hands and the wound was completely healed, Yuuki was shocked when she saw her arm healed, Keiko then licked some blood that came out of Yuuki's wound while she was healing it she then heard people coming and she could smell it was Kisa and Zero and then she heard a gunshot and felt a burning pain in her side'.   

"She was just cleaning and healing my wound" Yuuki said showing Zero her arm

"Well looks like I'll have to mend this" Keiko said, now standing up, taking her hoodie off and seeing the bullet holes in both sides

"And your shirt" Kisa said pointing at her friends white T-shirt with a black skeletal dragon on it which now had two bloodstains on it from her wounds

"It's such a pain to get blood out of white clothes and I really like this shirt" Keiko said annoyed that she got blood on her shirt

"Maybe you should get him to buy you a new one" Kisa said smiling and pointing at Zero

"No thanks" Keiko said putting her hoodie back on and picking up the Artemis Rod "By the way I also understand why he shot me he was just protecting Yuuki" she said smiling at Zero

"Me?" Yuuki asked confused

"Of course he cares about you and when he saw a hooded figure drinking your blood he's not really gonna immediately think "Oh their just helping her" I know I wouldn't" Keiko said walking towards Yuuki and Zero and handing Yuuki back Artemis

"Oh I understand" Yuuki said putting Artemis away and putting her hand on Zero's shoulder "Thanks for caring about me Zero but you don't need to worry so much about me" she said smiling at him

"But I want to worry about you" Zero said looking at Yuuki's eyes

"Awwwwwww isn't that lovely" Kisa said admiring the scene and hugging Keiko from behind

"Yes it is" Keiko said smiling "NOW let's head back to the academy or we'll soon be knee deep in Level E's" she said getting out of her friends hug and started walking

"By the way where do you think all those Level E's came from" Yuuki asked following after Keiko

"I think they were drawn to the scent of my blood last night" Keiko answered "And if we don't get back to the academy soon we'll have even more of them coming and we'll need a BIG dustpan and brush" she said and Kisa just burst out laughing and so did Keiko.

 Zero was watching the girls and wondered how they were able to laugh after what had happened then he remembered that he shot Keiko with an anti-vampire gun.

"Hey Keiko you okay?" he asked

"Huh?" Keiko asked confused then she knew what he meant "Oh I'm fine my wound has already healed" she said smiling

"But that was a bullet made to kill vampires as you got hit it should have taken a while to heal" Zero asked confused on how she healed so quickly

"I know maybe it was cos' I drank some human blood" Keiko said shrugging

"I guess that could happen" Zero said not entirely convinced.

 The group didn't say anything else on the way back to the academy when they got back they all went back to the Headmaster's Quarters when they opened the door they were nearly crushed by an over excited Headmaster he gave Yuuki a bone crushing hug, which she manged to escape from, and Zero punched the Headmaster for trying to give him a hug, while Keiko and Kisa stood well back, and started crying like a baby but he soon stopped when he saw Yuuki's torn sleeve.

"What happened?" the Headmaster asked in a serious voice

"Long story" Keiko said "How about we discuss it at dinner?" she suggested

"Oh yes let's!" the Headmaster shouted back to his idiotic self "So did you get the shopping Yuuki" he asked looking forward to making dinner for more people

"Yes" Yuuki replied happily then she remembered "Oh no we left the shopping back at the Café" she said trying to sound sad but was thinking 'THANK GOD!'

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooo!" the Headmaster whined "And I was so looking forward to making you try my new recipe" he whined some more and started crying

"How about I make dinner" Keiko suggested

"Huh?!" everyone said

"Well it was kind of my fault they forgot the shopping and I know how to cook" Keiko said smiling

"Okay it's this way to the kitchen" the Headmaster said showing Keiko to the kitchen with Kisa following along, Yuuki and Zero went to go relax in the Living Room, the Headmaster showed Keiko and Kisa where everything was

"Oh and here is my apron if you want to use it" the Headmaster said happily and pulled out a frilly pink apron with a cat face on it

"No thanks Headmaster" Keiko said politely but was thinking 'I wouldn't wear that even if my life depended on it'

"Okay" the Headmaster said putting the apron away "We'll be in the Living Room let us know when you're done" he said walking out of the kitchen into the Living Room

"So what should we make?" Kisa asked eagar to start

"Well let's see what's in the fridge" Keiko said looking in the fridge "Hmmmm"

"Well?" Kisa asked

"How about Tomato Soup?"

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! things are getting interesting how did Keiko get the ability to turn Artemis into it's Scythe form? and how did Keiko really heal from the bullet wound so quickly? find out soon..........