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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Terry Pratchett's Hogfather

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought this would be a great film to do a review of for Christmas. Now this is a great film about how the Auditors want to get rid of the Hogfather because he does not fit into their view of the universe. They meet with Lord Downey, head of the Assassin's Guild, and commission the services of Mr. Tea Time, whose particular brand of insane genius makes him an ideal candidate for the assassination of the Hogfather and other anthropomorphic personifications. Meanwhile with the Hogfather missing Death decides to take over for the Hogfather to make people continue to believe in him. Here is the first part of the film.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Monster Hunter Tri

Now this is a hard game I got this game on July 11th last year and I won it for the first time yesterday but still it's a good game. It's about Moga Village a peaceful little fishing village but suddenly unexplainable earthquake begin to shake and rattle the islands. A great Leviathan, Lagiacrus (the flagship monster), is thought to be responsible. The Guild in response sends a new untested hunter to handle the situation. After many quests, villager requests, one unintended encounter with the Lagiacrus itself, and a rescue of a young Shakalaka named Cha-Cha, the Lagiacrus finally reappeared. After first repelling, then slaying the great Sea-King, another massive earthquake shook the village. The cause, once attributed to the now-deceased Lagiacrus, was a mystery. So something else is causing the earthquakes something bigger than the Lagiacrus. It later turns out to be this guy.


Now here is the opening cinematic and the first part of the game.

Now Monster Hunter Tri G is a new Monster Hunter game that comes out on 3DS it has weapons that weren't in Monster Hunter Tri like the Dual Swords, Gunlance, Bow and Hunting Horn. The water areas return that weren't in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. A new Shakalaka friend called Kayanba who is Cha-Cha's friend. Here is a picture of him and Cha-Cha.
Also this game has loads more monsters in it than Monster Hunter Tri like ones from older games and new ones aswell. Here are the names and pics of the new monsters. Nargacuga Rare Species
Lagiacrus Subspecies
 Lagiacrus Rare Species
 Jinouga Subspecies

Doboruberuku Subspecies
                                                                                  Bracchidios (flagship monster)
Hungry Deviljho
 Ceadeus Subspecies                                                                              
Jhen Mohran Subspecies
Here is the games trailer and opening cinematic.  

Now the only release date for this game I know is the Europe one which is March 2013 (so the North America release date should be not long before the Europe one) I will do a review of this game when I get it.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Rayman Origins

I said I would do a review of this game when I got this game and here it is. This game is AMAZING it brings back parts of Rayman 1 like Betilla the Fairy, Electoons, Anti-Toons (The Darktoons), Bzzit the Moskito, the Hunters and the Tall Livingstones. It also brings back characters from previous games like Murfy, Globox and the Teensies. It also has new characters like the Bubble Dreamer and Betilla the Fairy's sisters. I LOVE this game it brings back memories of Rayman 1 a game with great music fun game enviroment yet sometimes frustrating. Now some new games I get it only takes a few hours to complete for the first time I bought this game on the 7th of December and won it today so it took 5 days to win proves it takes time to win. Here is the games trailer.

Here is the first part of the game.

Another thing I love about this game is the boss's.

All in all this game is FULL of laughs and challenge's and great music and I really recommend it to all Rayman fans.

Monday, 28 November 2011

The Spyro Series

Now I have ALWAYS loved the Spyro series but I don't have all of them so these are the one's I have. Spyro: Year of the Dragon is such a classic all the dragons in the Dragon Realms are celebrating the Year of the Dragon an event every twelve years where new Dragon Eggs are brought to the realm During the celebration, however, a cloaked anthropomorphic rabbit girl, Bianca, invades the Realms with an army of Rhynocs and steals all of the Dragon eggs. Spyro, along with Sparx and Hunter, are sent down a hole to find the thieves and recover the Dragon eggs. Here is the first part of the game.

I've always loved this game with the thieves with stolen Dragon Eggs saying "nah nah nahnah nah!" and when your skateboarding to beat Hunter's course record and with the different speedways and the name's of the 4 Homeworlds Sunrise Spring, Midday Gardens, Evening Lake and Midnight Mountain. Also the 4 friends Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt. James Byrd the Penguin, Bentley the Yeti and Agent 9 the Monkey beating up Moneybags for keeping them locked in a cage. Here is Moneybags getting beaten up.

Great memories.

Now alot of Spyro fans say Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is the worst Spyro game I will admit it's not the best BUT I still enjoy it. It takes place shortly after Spyro: Year of the Dragon the generation of young dragons, whom Spyro recently saved from the Sorceress' clutches, are about to celebrate a rite of passage: the assignment of their newly-arrived dragonfly guardians. However, during the party, Ripto (who appears to have survived the events of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage with no explanation) teleports in via a portal and disrupts the celebration, intent on capturing the new dragonflies in order to weaken the young dragons. However, his spell misfires, and the dragonflies are scattered throughout the Dragon Realms. Spyro is tasked with recovering the dragonflies. Here is the first part of the game.

The game isn't so bad.

Now Spyro: A Hero's Tail is a great game where since Spyro's last adventure, all has been tranquil in the Dragon Realms. Of course, it had a long period of peace in the Dragon Realms. Unfortunately, it won't be anymore, because the game begins when Gnasty Gnorc, Spyro's first enemy, has been brought back to life. Returning to the Dragon Realms with his Gnorc minions, he planted huge dark stones throughout the Dragon Realms and sent his minions with dark stones into a portal to other Realms. But Gnasty wasn't alone, he was with a huge red dragon carrying a staff with a similar dark stone at the end. The red dragon used his staff's dark power to make a barrier by the entry to Gnasty's lair so other dragons wouldn't interfere before flying off. The Professor saw what had happened on his computer screen, and quickly summoned Spyro and Sparx to his lab and showed them what had occurred. Spyro was told by the Professor that the dark stones are Dark Gems, which fuel Red's (the red dragon) evil power. Spyro quickly charged out of the lab's door and went off to destroy the Dark Gems. Here is the trailer for the game.

Here is the first part of the game.

Here is when you fight the bosses.

Here are 2 funny bits in the game.

 Very funny.

Now the Legend Trilogy is my most favorite of the Spyro games it shows a much darker setting than its predecessors. The game began inside the Dragon Temple, where a Fire Guardian Dragon named Ignitus was watching over a brood of eggs, it was the "Year of the Dragon", a time every twelve years when new Dragon eggs were brought to the realm. A dragons' prophecy told that every ten generations, a rare Purple Dragon will be born, who will direct the fate of that era, Ignitus was looking after such an egg. The dragons were, however, at war with an enemy called the "Dark Master" who knew of the prophecy as well, and laid siege to the Temple, intended on destroying the brood of eggs to prevent the birth of the purple dragon. Ignitus escaped with the Purple Dragon's egg, left it to drift down the Silver River into a swamp, hoping for the best. The egg was discovered by a family of dragonflies, and upon hatching, they named him Spyro and was adopted into the family and raised as one of their own, alongside Sparx, a young Dragonfly who was born on the same day. Here is the trailer for the game.

 Here is the first part of the game.

  Love it.

Now I know I've already done a review of this game but this one's going to be more detailed. The story begins with Spyro following Cynder through the swamps and jungle surrounding the Dragon Temple after hearing from Sparx that she was sneaking out into the temple's garden. Spyro caught up with her and asked her not to leave, revealing that he does have feelings for her. Cynder then left saying she doesn't want to cause pain and suffering to anyone, especially Spyro, and that her destiny is somewhere out in the world for her to find. When Spyro was about to chase after Cynder, he suddenly collapsed. A voice emitted in his dream and Spyro regained his fire element and was shown a vision of a great tree. Shortly after Spyro woke up, an Ape army attacked the Temple. After Spyro repelled the attack, Ignitus, tried to locate Cynder, but found a vision of Spyro by the base of a great tree. Spyro claimed that he kept seeing haunting visions of a mountain draped in shadow and darkness, beneath the two moons. Terrador, realized that was the Mountain of Malefor. Spyro also claimed that a voice, called the Chronicler, came to his dream and showed him that tree. The Guardians were shocked and Ignitus told Spyro that the Chronicler is an ancient dragon of immeasurable wisdom and was often interwoven with tales of doom. The Guardians became increasingly worried about the Celestial Moons coming into an eclipse. Ignitus sent Volteer and Cyril to the mainlands to learn what news they can, and sent Terrador to the Shattered Vale to warn everyone living there about the darkness spreading in the mountain, while Ignitus stays behind and went to search for Cynder. Here is the trailer for the game.

Here is the first part of the game.

Here is the ending song.

Here is a piano solo.

They are GREAT.

Now this is probably my most favorite of the trilogy cos' now you can fly at anytime and you can play as both Spyro and Cynder and now play multiplayer. The game starts with a mysterious set of enemies who enter the ruins of the Mountain of Malefor, where Spyro and Cynder remain frozen in crystal after their fight with Gaul. These mysterious enemies break open the crystal and put glowing green snakes, whose effects are to keep Spyro and Cynder together at all times, on the two dragons' necks. Afterwards, they take them away, leaving Sparx, who awakens moments later in the palm of Hunter of Avalar, who observed the whole scenario unfold from the shadows. Meanwhile, Spyro and Cynder awaken in a dark area, wondering what has happened to them. Spyro notices that Sparx is not there, but has no time to dwell on this as he and Cynder are sent straight into battle. Attached to a peg on the stone platform, they're unable to escape when a massive Golem attacks them. While they are able to lift the peg, they remain stuck together as they fight off the creature. When they are unable to defeat it completely, Hunter rescues them by distracting it with an arrow to its eye. Spyro, Sparx, and Cynder are reunited, then proceed after Hunter. He introduces himself, and says that Ignitus sent him when Spyro did not return to the temple three years ago. They manage to escape the Catacombs, tangling with the Golem and removing it's arm in the process. After getting though an area called "Twilight Falls", Hunter shows them that the Dark Master had been resurrected, and had escaped from the Well of Souls shortly after Spyro's disappearance, and has covered the land in Darkness. Here is the trailer for the game.

Here is the first part of the game.

Here is the games ending (always makes me cry).

Here is the ending after the credits.

Here is the ending song.

Here is a piano solo.

What a great series I hope it doesn't end and I hope they make another Legend.

Monday, 31 October 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! I thought that this film would be perfect to do a review of for Halloween. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a BRILLIANT film that was made in 1993 and is still popular today. The film is about Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King who has grown tired of Halloween and then while wandering around in the forest outside the town center of Halloween Town he finds a cluster of trees each with a door which represents a certain annual holiday and he is drawn to the Christmas tree-shaped door and he opens it and he is taken to Christmas Town impressed by the feeling and style of Christmas Jack returns to Halloween town and tells the residents about Christmas but they fail to grasp it his meaning and compare everything he says to their idea of Halloween. Later Jack announces to Halloween Town that this year they will take over Christmas. Here is the first part of the film.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is a GREAT (yet gruesome) film about Nicholas Angel an extremely dedicated police officer in London's Metropolitan Police Service performs his duties so well that he is accused of making his colleagues look bad. As a result, his superiors promote and transfer him to crime-free Sandford a village in rural Gloucestershire. When he arrives he arrests a large group of underage drinkers and a drunk driver who turns out to be his partner Danny Butterman. Then when some VERY brutul deaths start appearing in Sandford Nicholas tries to convice everyone that it's murder but everyone denies it saying it was just a terrible accident. Here is the trailer.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This is a REALLY funny film it's based off a book but I haven't read it. The film is about a man called Arthur Dent and his home planet Earth being destroyed but he's saved by his friend Ford who is an alien from a planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse working on the Hitchhiker's Guide. Here is the first part of the film.

 There are 2 things you learn from this film and they are

1. Don't panic

2. Remember where your towel is

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Other Guys

This is a HILARIOUS film where the best cops in the city are chasing some criminals who robbed a jewelry store and the 2 cops leap to their deaths after agreeing to aim for the bushes twenty storeys below them (there were no bushes) leaving everyone to wonder who's going to fill their shoes. Terry tries to convice his partner Allen that their the ones to become the new heroes but Allen refuses and Allen manages to convice Terry to help him investigate a scaffolding permit violation by multi-billionaire David Ershon, but wind up uncovering a much bigger plot by Ershon to cover his losses to his client Lendl Global. Here is the film's trailer.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


This is a REALLY funny film about Community college professor Ira Kane who is invited by geology teacher/girls' volleyball coach Harry Block to investigate a meteor that has crashed into a network of underground caverns under the sleepy Arizona town of Glen Canyon. When they get to the site of the crash and they try to take a sample they find some blue ooze coming out of the meteor and when they bring the sample back to the college and Ira finds the ooze has single-celled nitrogen-based organisms and he goes to tell Harry and by the time they get back they've evolved into multi-celled organisms. The aliens are evolving from flatworms to bugs, mammals and dinosaurs and Ira, Harry and young trainee firefighter Wayne (who saw the meteor crash) have to kill an oxygen-tolerant dragon alien in a shopping mall. Here's when they kill it.

And here's the trailer for the film.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Terry Pratchett's Soul Music

Soul Music is a novel and a TV series I haven't read the novel but I've watched the TV series it's about the young druid Imp y Celyn who comes to Ankh-Morpork to become a famous musician, but a new guitar from a mysterious shop possesses him with a new kind of music. It's also about a girl called Susan Sto Helit who's parent's have just died and her grandfather who is Death feel's great grief after having just "processed" them and he leaves to go and try to forget and Susan has to take over his work. Here is the first part of the first episode.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters

Wyrd Sisters is a novel and a TV series I haven't read the novel but I've watched the TV series I find it very funny. Especially the 3 witches Granny Weatherwax who insists on not meddling in things (but then later does meddle), Nanny Ogg who drinks ALOT of alcohol and owns the most evil cat in the world and Magrat Garlick the junior witch, who firmly believes in occult jewellery, even though none of it works. Here is part of the first episode.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Swallows & Amazons

Is a great film about 4 children John, Susan, Titty and Roger during their school holidays they stay at a farm and while there they borrow a dinghy named Swallow and sail off to an island in the the middle of a lake near the farm and they camp there they soon meet 2 other children Nancy and Peggy who sail a dinghy named Amazon. At first they quarrel but they soon band together to declare war on Captain Flint (Nancy and Peggy's uncle James Turner that they nicknamed Captain Flint). All an all it is a great film.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wolf's Rain

Wolf's Rain is a great anime about a place in the future and wolves are suppose to have been extinct for 200 years but this is not true for wolves have survived by taking on human form. It follows 4 wolves Kiba a lone white wolf full of wolf pride, Tsume a grey wolf with a scar on his chest a strong fighter who doesn't show his true feelings, Hige a mexican wolf with a carefree attitude who doesn't mind living in human societies he wears a collar but he doesn't remember where he got it from, Toboe a red wolf and the youngest out of the group he was raised by an old women as a very small pup and still wears the bracelets she gave him because of his raising he's friendly and protective towards most humans. Here is the first part of the first episode.

Here is the opening and closing theme.

There both great I've also done some tribute's.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Now I have been a Rayman fan since the very first one came out on PS1. I've had the first Rayman game on PS1 for 6 years (I think) and I only won it for the first time ever yesterday (NO JOKE) because the game sometimes made me frustrated and then it would be months till I felt like playing it again but I still LOVE it the games enviroment is great (despite it being an old game) and the music is GREAT. Here is someone completing the first level on the game.

Now Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc is a great game with great graphics, great game enviroment and quite funny (meaning it's funny what some characters say). Here are some quotes.

Murfy: That's all folks! End of cinematic. Time to get down to some serious playing.

Murfy: What? This is out of control! The manual claims you can make a chopper out of your hair! "Make a chopper of your hair..." Hah! Sounds like someone's been eating paint chips again!
Manual: Hey, Murfy - watch your language, will you?! There may be kids watching

Teensie: I have to go finish inventing chocolate toothpaste, mon!

Here are the funny Wanna kick Rayman? vids that are on the extras on the game (this vid is only missing the last one of the lessons).

Here is the games trailer.

Here is a Tribute I did for the game.

Now Rayman Origins is the new Rayman game that I am eagerly waiting to get it's got some characters from the orginal Rayman in it like Mr. Dark and Betilla the Fairy the consoles the game is coming out on is PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii (I'm getting the Wii version as I don't have the other consoles) on Amazon.com the game is coming out on the 15 November 2011 and on Amazon.co.uk it's the 25 November 2011. Here is the games trailer.

I will do a review of the game when it comes out but till then I will have to wait.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a GREAT film about five girls Babydoll, Rocket, Blondie, Amber and Sweet Pea and how they try to fight for freedom. Now I won't give away spoilers but here is the tralier.

Monday, 11 July 2011

My First Video on YouTube

I've made a Spyro and Cynder tribute on YouTube which I hope you will look at and rate my username on YouTube is DRAG0NSPIRIT10 also it's my birthday HOORAY!!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Shakespeare Play As You Like It

As You Like It is a great Shakespeare play me and my mum saw an outdoor performance on the 19th June this year at Upton House Walled Garden, and it was so funny when me and my mum got home she looked up the play in this Shakespeare complete works book she had and we were surprised that it hadn't been changed at all. Here are some funny quotes that were in the original play and the one we saw.

Orlando: Hang there, my verse, (or over there)

Orlando: Pray thee, marry us.

Celia: I cannot say the words (with a mouthful of bread)

In the one we saw when Orlando said or over there the letters he threw were suppose to go over the audiance but a wind suddenly blew and all the letters were blow to the right away from the audiance. The play was very funny and so were the actors and I said to my mum that the actress who played Roselind looked like my secondary school drama teacher.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Terrible Zombie Of Oz

I finished reading my mum's book today (I didn't borrow the book from my mum she actually wrote this book) It's basiclly the original book with a few changes now we all know the film The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz with all the lahdey dah sweet stuff the book is nothing like it the book is very brutal compared to the film (it's like they changed the entire thing). The version my mum has wrote is very funny The Scarecrow obsessed with braiiiiins, The Tin Woodman always saying he could never harm a fly without crying, (but proves otherwise during the story) The Cowardly Lion with a bell on A.K.A Diddums. All in all if you love zombies, vicious beasts, shoes then this might be the book for you and you should look forward to the sequel.

Here is the trailer I did for my mum's book

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Studio Ghibli Collection

I am quite a Studio Ghibli fan but I have only been a fan since last year when Laputa Castle in the Sky was on Film4 (it was the japanese version and it had been on for 22:37 I know because I just looked) and both me and my mum loved it then my mum bought it for my birthday and it's great. One of the extras on the DVD is that it shows all of the trailers for all of The Studio Ghibli films and one of them (Princess Mononoke) I remembered seeing parts of it years ago at my nan's and another one (Howl's Moving Castle) I remembered seeing half of it at my nan's (me and my nan had missed the first half it was the english version we saw) and another one (The Cat Returns) me and my mum had seen parts of it before we saw Laputa Castle in the Sky we never saw the whole thing it was the english version we saw. After we saw the trailers we thought of the ones we would like to buy and we decided to get Kiki's Delivery Service, (we had not seen it on the TV it was just that the trailer for it looked good) Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and The Cat returns. While looking on Amazon.co.uk I found (or my mum found I can't remember) Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle with the english dub (I don't hate the japanese version it's just I find the english version easier to follow) so my mum ordered them and they came at the same time and I loved both of them. Then around last month I was looking on Amazon.co.uk and I found Princess Mononoke with the english dub so I told my mum and she ordered it and when it came I thought it was great. Then on the 2nd of June while I was randomly looking on Amazon.co.uk I told my mum I found The Cat Returns with english dub so she ordered it and it came today and I just finished watching it. It had taken awhile to get them because Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle said on the language part it said japanese, english so thats why we got them first but Princess Mononoke and The Cat Returns only said japanese but I knew it had to have the english dub thanks to people writing down comments that the voice actors for both versions were good (I think that Amazon just forgot to put down english in the language part). Well here are the trailers for the ones I have see if you are interested in them.


What do you think of the trailers? I remember this time when I was watching The Cat Returns and there were these black and white cats who acted as bouncers (and don't make that rediculous joke about what do they do just bounce around because I have heard that joke way to many times bouncers guard night clubs) and they were throwing other cats into the trees and I made this joke to my mum I wonder if James is a bouncer (James is my cat and he is black and white) and we had a good laugh and I said to my mum he has them same job as you (at that time my mum was a bouncer and thats why I have heard that rediculous joke so many times and I think she was just geting ready for work when I made that joke about James). Now I won't give away spoilers (sorry if the bit above was a spoiler) even though these films came out awhile ago (Laputa Castle in the sky came out in 1986 and Kiki's Delivery Service came out in 1989 and Howl's Moving Castle came out in 2004 and Princess Mononoke came out in 1997 and The Cat Returns came out in 2002).

Thursday, 2 June 2011

All Fired Up

All Fired Up is a great ceramics cafe you can come in and paint all sorts of things mirrors, (obviously before the mirror is put in so it's just the handle you paint) money boxs, mugs, plates, orniments and bowls. If you want to know more look at there website www.allfiredupceramics.co.uk here is what me and my mum did when we first went there.

The mug is mine and the noodle bowl is my mums the person holding the mug and the bowl is me (I was not smiling in the photo where you first see me because I didn't know I was in the picture) and the one taking the picture is my mum using her phones camera. We painted them on the 26th May and picked them up on the 2nd June it takes a week for them to be fired.