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Monday, 31 October 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! I thought that this film would be perfect to do a review of for Halloween. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a BRILLIANT film that was made in 1993 and is still popular today. The film is about Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King who has grown tired of Halloween and then while wandering around in the forest outside the town center of Halloween Town he finds a cluster of trees each with a door which represents a certain annual holiday and he is drawn to the Christmas tree-shaped door and he opens it and he is taken to Christmas Town impressed by the feeling and style of Christmas Jack returns to Halloween town and tells the residents about Christmas but they fail to grasp it his meaning and compare everything he says to their idea of Halloween. Later Jack announces to Halloween Town that this year they will take over Christmas. Here is the first part of the film.

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