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Thursday, 25 August 2011


Now I have been a Rayman fan since the very first one came out on PS1. I've had the first Rayman game on PS1 for 6 years (I think) and I only won it for the first time ever yesterday (NO JOKE) because the game sometimes made me frustrated and then it would be months till I felt like playing it again but I still LOVE it the games enviroment is great (despite it being an old game) and the music is GREAT. Here is someone completing the first level on the game.

Now Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc is a great game with great graphics, great game enviroment and quite funny (meaning it's funny what some characters say). Here are some quotes.

Murfy: That's all folks! End of cinematic. Time to get down to some serious playing.

Murfy: What? This is out of control! The manual claims you can make a chopper out of your hair! "Make a chopper of your hair..." Hah! Sounds like someone's been eating paint chips again!
Manual: Hey, Murfy - watch your language, will you?! There may be kids watching

Teensie: I have to go finish inventing chocolate toothpaste, mon!

Here are the funny Wanna kick Rayman? vids that are on the extras on the game (this vid is only missing the last one of the lessons).

Here is the games trailer.

Here is a Tribute I did for the game.

Now Rayman Origins is the new Rayman game that I am eagerly waiting to get it's got some characters from the orginal Rayman in it like Mr. Dark and Betilla the Fairy the consoles the game is coming out on is PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii (I'm getting the Wii version as I don't have the other consoles) on Amazon.com the game is coming out on the 15 November 2011 and on Amazon.co.uk it's the 25 November 2011. Here is the games trailer.

I will do a review of the game when it comes out but till then I will have to wait.

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