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Monday, 23 May 2011

Tangled on DVD

Tangled on Amazon DVD

This is a great film full of laughs, full of lovable characters, and moments to remember. I just got this on DVD today, and you just have to love it. Rapunzel armed with her deadly frying pan, Pascal - Rapunzel's chameleon - provides quite a bit of entertainment, the horse Maximus acting like a vicious bloodhound. Flynn Rider always looking at his wanted posters and saying "They just can't get my nose right." I think it's suitable for all ages my mum liked it, and I like it.

Great part:

Hook hand thug:Head down.
Flynn:Head down.
Hook hand thug:Arms in.
Flynn:Arms in.
Hook hand thug:Knees apart.
Flynn:Knees apart. Knees apart?

If you want to know why he said this watch the film.

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